The Rainbow Chapel – Shanghai, China.

This wonderful little wedding chapel in Shanghai, designed by Chinese studio Coordination Asia is enclosed with glass panels made from 3,060 pieces and using 65 different colors. The kaleidoscope windows of the Rainbow Chapel, create a semi-open round space whose geometry references ancient Chinese symbolism by combining squares and circles; the former of which stand for honesty and virtue, while the latter represent fullness and unity. The chapel, which is located inside the G+ PARK in Shanghai, designed by Chinese studio Coordination Asia, is surrounded by water which provides gradual transition from the outside into the dream-like interior. The atmosphere changes as the sun moves around the structure. The 6.8 meter high cylinder creates a transition from warmer tones of red, to beautiful shades of green, purple and pink. The 1200-square-meter Banquet Hall next to the chapel was once used as an industrial glass workshop, but today this space lends itself well to weddings, anniversaries, concerts and other types of celebrations. Once inside the Rainbow Chapel, visitors can enjoy an elegant light-filled space. The color matched kaleidoscope windows filter natural light into the oval room. The new addition to the existing museum park stands as an alternative to classic wedding venues on the Chinese market, attracting young, creative couples.


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