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Michael was born in the south England however, he spent much of his childhood and adult years in the North. A glazing apprenticeship led to more than a decade of installation, followed by supervision, management, consultancy, business ownership and finally, independent consultancy. Drawing from an extremely diverse and rich industry experience, Mike has been lucky enough to see his career take him across the globe, through numerous different cultures and lend his hand to some of the most prolific builds in the world. He currently resides in Canada with his Wife and two of his four children.



Once seen as simply protection from the elements, glass has rapidly moved to the forefront of designers and architects imaginations With build’s increasing in complexity, standards higher than they have ever been and contractural requirements ever present, it’s imperative that those managing a particular scope are well versed and experienced in their particular designation.

A glass, glazing & facade professional with an extremely diverse skill-set, Michael was trained to British Standard glazing practice. Beginning his career at a time when lumps of plate glass were the norm in all European storefronts, he’s no stranger to the industry.

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