Contracts, quotations, pricing and more…

What sort of work will you take on?

With architects, designers, contractors and sub-contractors alike, stretched to capacity, the need for freelance, contract based management and / or short consultancy based services are a reality, and one that many are now seeing as a very viable and welcome option. I offer services to accommodate all parties and can assure you of my commitment to your project, whatever the size or wherever the location. I’ve worked in near impossible situations, (including a civil war) always deliver and welcome enquiries from the remotest of areas.
I try never to refuse work, be it a rather mundane assessment or a complex scope that excites the glass nerd within. The only thing that may cause a problem, is my availability, but this will be made clear at the time of contact. If I can’t accommodate a project in Asia, as I know I’ll be in Europe, as much as the scope may entice, I will advise you clearly allowing you to secure services elsewhere.

When should I expect a quotation?

Understanding that prospective clients are possibly requesting my services in relation to an incident or ongoing project, I’ll have pricing with you swiftly. I’ll attempt to gather as much information as I possibly can during our initial communication and submit a written quotation in line with the details offered. We all know that construction can be rather fluid to say the very least however, the more information I’m provided initially, the easier it is for me to submit solid numbers.

Either pricing, or submitting my hourly rates, they will be with you in  flash!

How do you price?

From the full term management of a unitized tower, to assessing spontaneous breakage at the smallest of facility’s, the numbers are of course hard to place without information to hand. The more you can furnish me with, the faster you will receive your quotation. Dependent on project / service type, I’ll either offer you a price or an hourly rate. Quotations are available upon request and pricing dependent upon the service required, project type and location.

What do you need from us?

Everything! The more information you can provide me, the faster you will receive your quotation and the more accurate it will be. There are many elements that make up a project but a couple of prime pieces make all the difference.
If you are a facade company requesting project management services, I will need at the very least, your architectural / IFC drawings along with your own shop drawings if complete. Supplier and architectural specifications and budget / cost documentation are also a bonus. As an owner or architect requiring consultancy services, a detailed description of the issue, along with relevant information would be in order. Again, the more you can offer me, the faster I can return.

Will you travel and if so, how far?

Its been the norm for me to be away from home for many years now and I enjoy the challenge of working alongside cultures quite far removed from my own. Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Qatar, Dubai & Saudi Arabia are a handful of the countries that I’ve been fortunate enough to visit for extended periods of time. Needless to say, I’m open to all enquiries.


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