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Independent Facade Consultancy
Freelance Project Management

With facade design pushed to the limits and beyond, control and understanding of this critical element of any build is paramount. As a seasoned glass professional, and sporting three decades within the glazing industry, by way of GCS, Michael Hockham offers professional consultancy & freelance management services, founded upon a solid industry grounding and diverse experience.


Short & Long Term Contracts

Architects, designers, contractors and sub-contractors alike, are stretched to capacity and with this, comes the need for professionals to be inserted in the right place and at just the right time. Freelance, contract based management and / or short consultancy based services are a reality, and one that many are now seeing as a very viable and welcome option. Services are offered to accommodate all parties and commitments made to your project, whatever the size or wherever the location. Michael has worked in near impossible situations, (including a civil war) where project delivery is a must. Enquiries are welcomed from even the remotest of areas.



Michael was born in the south of England but spent much of his childhood in the North. A glazing apprenticeship led to more than a decade of installation, followed by supervision, management, consultancy, business ownership and finally, independent consultancy. Drawing from an extremely diverse industry experience, he has been lucky enough to see his career take him across the globe, through numerous different cultures and lend his hand to some of the most prolific builds in the world. He currently resides in Canada with his Wife and two of his four children.


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